We will be online soon!
December 07, 2019

To all players of L2 Flag we wish a good game in our inauguration

We have developed a 500x PVP server for mass entertainment for gamers who like CUSTOM PVP servers with good combat mechanics.
Some detailed information about L2Flag:

Important Rates
500x XP and Adena

Start game
All players are born in Talking Sland with only SOULSHOT.
Item sales are limited to grade B per adena.
The sale of items A and S is limited to adenas and drop farm.

All items have safe enchant limit up to +6
Allowed enchant limit is +16 for normal or premium players without distinction
Normal enchant has a 75% chance after the +6 limit and can break the user's weapon.
The blessed enchant has an 80% chance after +6 with a limit of +12, failure results in the item returning to +6 without breaking
The cystal enchant has a 40% chance and can be used from +12, failure results in the item returning to +12 without breaking.

The server has TVT, CTF and DM events (soon others)
The prize for winners is the Event - BOX item that has a random chance of several items.

Boss Jewelry
Can be dropped from their respective bosses or by purchasing from Alt + B

Olly and Siege
Started next weekend

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Correções e atualizações
Olá jogadores, Recentemente recebemos informações sobre bug em relação a RaidBosses que são mortos e não retornam ao status de v...
02 January, 2020
Patch Online
Our Patch is avaliable in download page:
07 December, 2019

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